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Melanie Smith – Manager, Education and Communications

Melanie Smith
Manager of Education and Communications
716-665-2473 ext. 221
msmith AT rtpi.org

Melanie was born and raised in the village of Fredonia. Ample time spent outdoors in this rural environment nurtured a strong appreciation for the natural world, and cultivated her curiosity about biological processes. Driven in part by her realization that human activities were having devastating effects on our living planet, she decided to pursue an education in the natural sciences. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from the State University of New York in Fredonia and a Master’s degree in Biological Oceanography from North Carolina State University. Melanie returned to WNY where she became engaged in another biological venture: motherhood. Shortly after her son Oliver was born, she began teaching science courses at JCC and SUNY Fredonia. Melanie came on board as the RTPI Communications Coordinator in 2015. She is grateful to have another wonderful outlet through which to share her passion for the natural world.