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WildLife Guards Planting & Removing

Posted on Jul 31, 2016

The Bridgeport WildLife Guards do even more than educate beachgoers about the wildlife around us or conduct avian surveys on the shore as they, like the Project Wild America Youth Ambassadors, get hands-on with our local habitats. The Guards recently came to Stratford Point for the day in order to help enhance and maintain the increasingly spectacular site as upland habitats are completely overhauled with a focus on benefiting migratory songbirds and various pollinator species. They planted everything from butterfly weed to serviceberry while removing non-native invasive species such as bittersweet and autumn olive, as you can see below.

WildLife Guards SFP garden-8605

WildLife Guards SFP garden-8611

WildLife Guards SFP garden-8617

WildLife Guards SFP garden-8622

WildLife Guards SFP garden-8627

WildLife Guards SFP garden-8629

WildLife Guards SFP garden-8634

WildLife Guards SFP garden-8639

WildLife Guards SFP garden-8642

WildLife Guards SFP garden-8649
Thank you all for your hard work on this special property! It will benefit untold generations of life that pass through Stratford Point as a stopover site on their journey north or south along the Atlantic Coast including the Monarch butterfly, Wandering Glider, or the Blackpoll Warbler among hundreds of species.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordiantor