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Yellow-rumped Warblers Feeding

Posted on Oct 31, 2017

I always feel that as we enter November we shift from one phase of avian life to the next. Songbird migrants are now decreasing rapidly in both abundance and diversity. More waterfowl are beginning to arrive on our shores. Our wintering species start to show up frequently at our feeders. Birds also shift from eating insects to dining on this season’s harvest, as is the case with the Yellow-rumped Warblers (Setophaga coronata) here.

Junipers, cedars, holly trees and many more all provide delicious berries that were the treats for these Halloween birds. I did not even notice I had captured the second bird flying in until looking at the photos after. What would happen if we did not have these trees in our landscapes? It’d be a cruel trick, certainly, for all these lives. Be mindful of what you plant (or remove) and how it will impact our world.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator